What Makes ‘My Office’ The Best?

  • We are LOCAL.  We are not ‘the big guys’; we’re the ones that are part of your community.
  • Our ownership is INVOLVED in the day-to-day business.  We can quickly change our plans to meet your needs.
  • We help you market your business.  Our PASSION is small business growth.
  • We are CONNECTED to our community.  We use our network to help bring your business exposure.
  • We provide the BEST customer service.  Ask any business in our network.
  • Our team is trained to HELP support you ‘in’ your company, so you can work ‘on’ your company’s growth.

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“I enjoy renting from My Office℠ – Business Suites because of their hands-on approach, the ability to work together as a team, along with the friendly approach to how they run their centers.”
Gary Gelinas - President, CSH International, Inc.
“I have been in the same executive suite for more than 4 years and my favorite thing about renting at My Office℠ – Business Suites is that they value the small business owner.”
Deborah Wood - Owner, Cabana Skincare
“I use My Office℠ – Business Suites because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
John Schill - Owner, Schill Law Group
“I love My Office℠ – Business Suites because of the team, in that everybody in the company is super ‘suite’; plus, the staff handles everything, so I can just take care of my business.”
Larry Vivola - Owner, InLine Business Advisors
“I have been with My Office℠ – Business Suites for more than 2 years mainly because of the upscale office environment and convenience it offers my clients.”
Sam Igwe - Attorney, Law Office of Sam Igwe
“There are many things I like about renting at “My Office℠ – Business Suites” but what I like the most is the staff and amenities are so helpful in every way that it makes running my business easier and more enjoyable!”
Tina Viola - CEO, OrganicMarketOnline.com
“I appreciate the fact that my clients have always been professionally greeted and genuinely treated with respect by the staff at My Office℠ – Business Suites. Thank you.”
Jeff Carter, RFC, CSA - Managing Member, SMART Portfolio Management, LLC
“Because of the efficiencies that My Office℠ – Business Suites offers, I have been able to spend more time growing my company, and just recently was able to finally move into an office of my own.”
Mitch Stam - Owner , Desert Springs Mortgage And Financial Services
“I like My Office℠ – Business Suites because if it’s stellar location at CityCenter of CityNorth and its increasing array of amenities make my experience one of zest and convenience.”
Robert Johnson - President, Razor Capital

The #1 Choice for Executive Office Suites.

See why our network of businesses are so successful. Take the next step in growing your business. Schedule a site visit to discover all the benefits of My Office℠ Business Suites. Call us at 623-505-0966.

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