1. Accent with Paint

Any establishment is as good as it looks. Walls are one of the first things people notice when they enter the room, so it’s important to focus on them.  Don’t overdo it, and try not to use colors that are overbearing or distracting to your employees or customers.  The best way to go is to utilize a warm and inviting accent color on 1 or 2 walls, that’s it.  People know they’ve come to do business, and accents can make an engaging atmosphere.  If anything, it may be an icebreaker with your guest.  This little trick is one of the easiest things you can incorporate, but you’ll see a significant difference in doing so.  

2. Wall Art

The way you choose to decorate says a lot about you. Perhaps you enjoy a clutter-free space with clean lines, or you like to spice things up with pops of color. Whatever your style, wall art is a simple and inexpensive way to convey it.   

3. Curtains

This may not be one of the first things you would think to add to your office space. However, bare windows can make the room feel a bit boring. Curtains or valances are simple trick to class up your workspace that tie the entire room together with other decorative elements. Plus, they have a practical use if you have issues with the sunlight beaming through your windows at certain times during the day.      

4. Centerpieces

Whether you’re meeting with clients or working with employees, you use tables and desks on a regular basis. Take the opportunity to add some flavor to a high-traffic area in the office, such as a conference room table. Centerpieces convey your personal style, and add warmth to the office for both your employees and clients. Have some fun with it by featuring the seasons in your designs, or reflecting the type of business you run.  

5. Plants

Every room can use something to bring it alive–this is where plants come in. Whether it’s a ficus in the corner, or an orchid on the side table, plants add aesthetic value to your office. Not only do plants look nice, but they have several other benefits. They can increase motivation, provide healing energy and make us feel purposeful. Check out this article on why offices with plants make staff happier than environments that lack greenery.  

At the end of the day, your office is a place where you and your employees spend the majority of their time. It’s important to consider this when arranging and decorating their workspace. The above tips can go for just about any office, but you know your business best–so emphasize your company’s personality, and have fun with it!

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