A tip from PrimeCare Home Solutions: Stay Ahead of Your Competition

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A tip from PrimeCare Home Solutions: Stay Ahead of Your Competition

PrimeCare BlogPrimeCare Home Solutions provides non-medical home care services for seniors as well as others with disabilities. They provide respite care as well as offer a VA program from veterans and their spouses. Starting a company can be daunting, Bill Groezinger offers a tip to business owners everywhere: get a leg-up on your competition!

PrimeCare sets themselves apart from other companies by ensuring peace of mind– at PrimeCare, everything is done electronically. A client: Ms. Wendel, lives in Washington but her mother Martha lives here in Arizona. PrimeCare carefully matches a caregiver to Martha, per Ms. Wendel’s request. The caregiver comes once every day to perform certain tasks at Martha’s home.

One week, Martha is concerned because she says her caregiver has not been by in a long while! Ms. Wendel is upset– she is entrusting the caregiver and her agency to be there for Martha. The caregiver in this instance, however, has indeed visited Martha’s home daily. Martha is forgetful and dementia has begun to set in. She cannot remember seeing the caregiver, but the agency says that she has been there. With PrimeCare, the caregiver will ‘check-in’ to her location via her smartphone.

The GPS-enabled ‘time card’ application will only allow her to check in and out of Martha’s home when she is actually in her home! The application is also used to track which tasks were performed so everyone knows the status of both Martha and her home. While Ms. Wendel lives worry-free in Washington being able to see how each visit with her Mother goes, she can also grant access to other interested parties (a nurse, a social worker and other family members). Everyone is kept honest by this software, and everyone’s mind can be put at ease.

PrimeCare uses this technology to put their clients (and caregivers) at ease. This isn’t a typical perk offered by in-home care providing companies and this is how they stay ahead of their competition. PrimeCare also offer an endless list of services to their clients: from typical non-medical care to scrapbook maintenance or arranging recipes.  Bill’s additional words of wisdom double as a rave review for his staffing coordinator, Niko “make sure you have the right staff, it really does make all the difference”.

PrimeCare is located at our business suites location at CityCenter CityNorth in Phoenix.

To find out more about PrimeCare Home Solutions, visit their website:  www.primecarehomesolutions.com/

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