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My Office® is more than just a location for people to do business.

The team behind My Office® is dedicated to going the extra mile to provide office space and support to business owners and professionals so they can focus ‘on’ their business instead of ‘in’ their business.

What We Want to Be the Best At:

Providing flexible and efficient office solutions for today’s businesses.

What Our Passion is:

Providing Great Customer Service.


Leadership: The owners of My Office® Business Suites are two successful women, Shelley Bade and Jill Pogrant. “As owners of small businesses ourselves, we can see through the eyes of those who rent from us. We understand the dynamics of the local marketplace and choose to be very involved in the day-to-day operations.”

My Office Business Suites

Shelley Bade
Shelley, who is responsible for strategic partnerships, site selection and risk management of the organization, is a small business owner and has lived in the Greater Phoenix area for 35 years. She has more than 25 years of commercial real estate experience. Shelley’s knowledge of the industry and of the Valley’s business climate has helped My Office® in its implementation of alternative office space concepts for business owners and professionals.

Jill Pogrant
Jill is responsible for site operations, systems, vendors and relationships with businesses in our Network. She has been active in the business arena of Greater Phoenix for over 30 years. As a small business owner herself, Jill understands today’s challenges and has found a way to set herself apart by striving to create the highest standards of customer service for her clients; a standard she brings with her to My Office®, its staff and its network of businesses.

Our Mission

My Office® Business Suites provides efficiencies and professional services in the business suites environment that allow small, home-based and growing businesses to be competitive and professional at affordable prices.

Our Core Values: Great Customer Service, Teamwork, Community, Reliability and Integrity. These are our guiding principles as we focus on building a network, and not just our business.

Find a Model that Works and Duplicate It: With technology and economic times, the landscape of office space continues to change. With 4 locations currently, Bade and Pogrant have developed a solid operations model and continue to search the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area to find additional premium locations where their network of businesses can effectively and efficiently grow their businesses.

Support Staff

Our administrative and concierge staff is comprised of professionals with decades of experience amongst them.  Each member of the team is well versed in industry knowledge, fluent in proper business etiquette and proficient in day-to-day office skills. We pride ourselves on taking the necessary steps to provide a professional environment and superior service to our Network of Businesses and their guests.