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Branding – how it can give your business an edge

Branding is your business personality

When the term Branding is mentioned it’s often associated with graphic elements like logos and colors, but it’s much more than that. A better way to think about Branding is to view it as the personality of your business. And just like personality a brand should have a set of favorable traits that people associate with it.

It’s tempting to spend a lot of time deciding on a logo, choosing colors, fonts and other graphic elements. However, these choices should all be secondary to defining your brand as a positive business personality that your clients can relate to and rely on.

Branding exists in the mind of your customers and the only thing you can do is to try to influence their opinion in a positive way.  Real Branding involves all aspects of your business from the graphic elements, to the look of your web site, to your customer’s interactions with you and to the place where you do business.

Here are few questions you can use to help you discover & define your brand personality.

1. Why are you providing a service or selling a product? Is there a story or a passion behind what you do? How are you special and how do you provide value to your customers? Try to get beyond features and think about the benefits of what you offer. Customers don’t like buying things as much as they like buying what the product or service stands for.

Focus on how your Branding makes people feel over what they think. For example instead of selling me clothes, sell me style and attractiveness. Instead of selling me insurance sell me peace of mind and security. Instead of selling me a computer sell me the pleasure and profits of modern technology.  People buy what’s missing in their lives.

2. How are you unique and different from your competition? Are you fun and exciting, sophisticated, genuine, a leader in your field? What is your unique selling proposition? What qualities can you use to create differentiation in the minds of your customers?

Take a look at your competitors and see what message comes across. If you’re lucky a lot of them may have never taken the time to really think about their Branding and you can get an edge by defining what you have to offer.

3. Who are your customers? What do they value and consider important? Although you may believe you need to cater to everyone, don’t fall into that trap. Take some time to discover who your customers might be and how you can appeal to them.

Contact a few of your customers and find out why they chose you. You may think you know why, but finding out for certain can be a real benefit to helping you create more sales by creating a clear Branding message about who you are and what you have that’s of value.

Clients are more likely to purchase from a company that has a personality similar to their own. That’s because personalities usually share a set of values that a client can relate to.  Are you fun and playful, genuine and real, successful and accomplished, or are you sophisticated and elegant?

Once you’ve defined your business personality it becomes so much easier to make all the other decisions about your business like the logo, your website and how you’re going to interact with your clients. It may be just the edge you need.

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