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My Office® considers the businesses that use our services to be our Network of Businesses rather than tenants. We are focused on providing an environment in which we all can grow together, and YES… do business together. If you are interested in joining our network, contact us today.

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What some of our businesses say about My Office®.

"My Office℠ provides upscale office space as well as professional and highly competent services that make a lasting impression on my clients. The My Office℠ team is innovative in its approach to offering executive suite services and bends over backwards to help meet the unique requirements of each of its tenants."
Liz Crampton - Crampton Law Firm
"The team at My Office℠ Business Suites is professional, helpful, and nice. I’ve enjoyed leasing from them."
Jeremy McArthur - McArthur Land Company
"We have been part of the My Office℠ family for a few years, and have enjoyed their team. Even though we are independent, we feel that they are part of our team and really want to see us grow."
Drew McKaig - Pinnacle Financial Services
"It is imperative for me, as a business and financial professional to have office space and service alternatives to remain competitive. My Office℠ Business Suites is outstanding in this capacity, and in my opinion is without peer. To the entire staff, I extend my sincere appreciation."
Scott Preble - Shoreline Financial
"Having an executive suite with My Office℠ Business Suites enables us to maintain a convenient, safe, attractive professional office environment for those clients who reside or work in the West Valley. Importantly, our continued relationship with My Office℠ has allowed us to expand our reach in an efficient and cost effective manner."
Scott David Stewart - Stewart Law Group
"We loved renting from My Office℠ Business Suites! It is a very professional atmosphere. The receptionists and other businesses were great referral sources, which helped grow our business so that we were able to move into an office of our own."
Dr. Misty Fullerton, DC - Healing Hands Chiropractic
" I use My Office℠ Business Suites for several reasons: location, professionalism, amenities, space for larger meetings and they are very accommodating."
Carol Weber - Carol’s Accounting and Tax Services
"I have been with My Office℠ Business Suites for over a year now. I like the Thunderbird location, because it provides a highly professional image and allows me to focus to my clients. The amenities offered help with work efficiency, so I can focus on what’s important – the client.”"
Dan Coccimiglio - Secure Money
"I love My Office℠ Business Suites because of the flexibility, professional environment, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the staff is just outstanding! I use other temp offices, but they simply do not compare to My Office℠.”"
Brian Connelly - Neos MedSpa
"I enjoy the work environment of My Office℠. Whether it is just to have quiet work time or chat up with other businesses, My Office℠ Business Suites provides that ideal environment. We are happy to have such a professional office in which we can produce our best work.”"
Vivian Gastelum - iMarket Leaders
"We were at My Office℠ for the past few years and recently transitioned into an office of our own. They played a huge part in our success and our growth as a company by creating a perception that allowed us to flourish. We loved having a fun, yet professional place to come and focus on our work."
Darren Davis - Conversiv

Previously Featured Network Businesses

Andy Frain Services provides security solutions for Transportation, Retail, Sports and Entertainment and Special Events. With over 90 years of experience behind them, Andy Frain Services is committed to living the tradition of “Customer Service is Every Employee’s Job”. Learn More About Them Here.

Located in our Pinnacle Peak location, Crampton Law Firm provides business law estate planning and counsel to clients in general business, corporate and commercial matters, estate planning, probate, commercial and personal litigation. Learn More About Them Here

J & L Process Service, LLC provides prompt and reliable services for all of your process servicing needs. They serve all legal documents including: Small Claims, Evictions, Divorce, Order of Protections, Child Support Modification, Writ of Garnishment & More. Learn more about their service and how you can contact them here.

itestdna-logoiTest DNA is an accredited industry leader in DNA Testing. They provide an answer to life’s toughest question- are we related? All cases are opened, managed and closed by a dedicated DNA scientist who guides you through the entire process, from paperwork to sample collections. They provide DNA testing services for Paternity Testing, Sibling Testing, Ethnicity & Race Testing, Infidelity and Civil Forensics, Prenatal Paternity, Gender Testing and AABB Certified DNA Collections. iTest DNA is easy, efficient, affordable and an accurate DNA testing service that serves the entirety of Arizona. We chose My Office because of the many convenient locations located around the Phoenix area. We also chose My Office because of the professional environment that provides my clients and I with a relaxed atmosphere in which to do business.

RAID employee

RAID Computing specializes in providing all aspects of IT services, from the desktop to the data center. Whether someone operates an in-home business, a small business or have hundreds of employees, they specialize in providing solutions for any company’s needs today. Their Dedicated Help Desk is there to answer questions and provide immediate support remotely. Their professional, experienced technicians can be on site quickly to help businesses resolve problems and provide solutions, NOT excuses. Whether a business is looking for a reduction in costs, process improvements, or problem resolution, RAID Computing can help.

My Office provides just what we need to meet with our clients in a professional environment as needed without the added expenses of traditional office leases. Their team is the best and they treat our staff as if we were family.


Blue Mountain is an agency committed to delivering individualized attention and tailored services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Our services and supports help eligible individuals with developmental disabilities achieve self-sufficiency and independence by addressing the physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs of our members We hire and train qualified professionals to provide respite, habilitation and attendant care to children and adults with special needs in their home and community. Our on-site day treatment and training programs provide members with the social and communication opportunities to interact with their peers and participate in leisure
and meaningful activities in our community.

My Office Business Suites in Surprise provides an excellent home base for our administration team with amenities that make it easy for us to work privately as well as host meetings and trainings. The concierge desk makes pick ups and drop offs and allows our community based employees to come by when it is convenient for them. I look forward to continuing to grow here.


Health & Wellness Care with Chelsea Welsh. An Anti-Aging / Functional Medicine Clinic: The mainstream medical model today is constantly chasing diseases with a plethora of pharmaceuticals and often unnecessary surgeries. The key to health is to discover the underlying cause and developing a plan to fix the dis-ease of the body as opposed to covering up a “disease”.

They use a multi-systems approach that includes management of: Sex Hormones (testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone), thyroid and adrenal hormones, digestive/gut health, cardio-metabolic balancing, inflammation, auto-immune diseases, and disturbances in carbohydrate metabolism (imbalances in blood sugar with diabetic risk and weight gain). The end result is a healthier YOU with increase in vitality, energy, youthful restoration, and decreased risk of the diseases of aging.

iMarket jose_viv

Market Leaders is an online marketing company who specializes in affiliate marketing and email marketing.  With the ever changing digital world, we are expanding our services to include mobile marketing. content marketing and a tracking software. We have close to 15 years of experience in digital marketing and love to spread the knowledge.  There are a wide range of possibilities to promote your business digitally and if iMarket Leaders cannot help you, they will point you to the right direction.  iMarket Leaders has been a successful business because we still value trust, loyalty and honesty.

iMarket Leaders loves the work environment of My Office.  Whether it is just to have quiet work time or chat up with other businesses, My Office provides that ideal environment.


Neos Medspa specializes in medically assisted weight loss. Our average patient loses 3 to 5 lbs per week using a special diet and hormones to quell hunger and burn fat. This cutting edge program has helped so many clients feel better about themselves, and we are happy to have provided this service to our clients!

We love My Office℠ Business Suites because of the flexibility and professional environment it provides for our business. Elizabeth, the Concierge and the rest of the staff are just outstanding! The other offices I have used haven’t come close to the quality suites I use at My Office℠! I would highly recommend My Office℠ to any business looking for a top notch office suite

Secure_Money_CMYK_300dpi (1) Secure Money has been helping individuals with retirement planning for over twenty years. Dan Coccimiglio and the firm’s passion came from seeing clients who had been misinformed and sometimes taken advantage of. Safety and protection is the mission behind Secure Money, and his clients can have peace of mind because their money is secure.

Secure Money has been with My OfficeSM Business Suites for over a year now. Dan takes great pride in his office suite at the My OfficeSM – Thunderbird location because it provides a highly professional image to his clients. Dan finds the amenities offered to be very convenient and help him work more efficiently. Secure Money is proud to partner with My OfficeSM to meet his office needs so he can focus on what’s important – the client.


“Knowledge is a powerful tool. It is gained by study and life experience.” explains Scott Preble. At Shoreline Financial we believe that all people, but especially those with life experience should be respected, appreciated, and helped if they need it. At Shoreline Financial our area of expertise is working with customers who are either thinking about retirement or already in retirement. People in this group have very specific needs when it comes to retirement income, savings and personal finance. While many things are uncertain today, one thing we know for sure is that roller coasters are for kids . . . not your retirement savings!

Mr. Preble says: “It is imperative for me, as a business and financial professional to have office space and service alternatives to remain competitive. My clients place value on my ability to be well rooted in the local community, with the added benefit of being able to meet with them at professional alternate locations if the need arises. My OfficeSM Business Suites is outstanding in this capacity, and in my opinion is without peer. I have seen consistent growth and success within my business since I have become part of their professional family. To the entire staff, I extend my sincere appreciation.” Click Here to Learn More About Them