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Business Testimonial: Visiting Angels

Our business suites are occupied by various fascinating and innovative companies. One of these is Visiting Angels Living Assistance Services–a business dedicated to finding suitable in-home care for seniors across the United States. We had a chance to talk to Teresa Simpson, owner and director of Visiting Angels, about her experience with My Office. Here is the full interview:

Q: Who are the faces behind Visiting Angels? Introduce yourself, and tell us a little bit about who contributes to your business.

A: Hello, my name is Teresa Simpson. I am the owner and Director of Visiting Angels Northwest Valley.  However, I can’t take credit for the wonderful job we do for our clients; that would have to go to the incredible, capable and compassionate people who help me make this business the success it is.  It is Donetta Harrold keeping the office operations running smoothly, and April Phillips out in the field keeping our name in the community, as well as meeting the needs of the people we serve. It is Meri Bacon handling the night and weekend calls, and truly the most important people, who I could never do this business without–the fabulous Angel Caregivers. They make Visiting Angels a blessing to so many and a true ministry.

Q: How long have you been with My Office? How did you come to discover it?

A: My Office Suites has played a very big role in our success as well.  Almost 10 years ago, I opened my first franchise in the Peoria/Glendale area with the help of my late husband, Michael.  We operated out of our home office and grew.  I started looking for a place to hold employee interviews that was more professional than the coffee shop down the street.  That’s when I met and fell in love with the wonderful women who own and operate My Office Suites.  Our first adventure together was in the Lake Pleasant location with a true virtual office.  It worked perfectly for us – there when I needed it, with all the look and feel of a full-time office.  By the time the Thunderbird location opened up, we were ready to make the move to full time.  We have been at that location since they opened it and we love it.

Q: What would you say is the best part of working with My Office?

A: The best part of My Office Suites is the people who work there.  How Shelley and Jill find such great people to assist all of the businesses that make My Office Suites home is a mystery to me.  They are always so pleasant and professional, no matter what is going on and so eager to help me make my business a success.

Q: If you could describe your experience with My Office in three words, what would they be?

A: I can’t think of just three words to describe My Office Suites, but since I keep talking about how professional it is, I guess that would be at least one. My Office has made it possible for me to grow at my own pace while always having a great place for the staff to do their job and the Angels to meet as necessary.

Q: Do you see yourself staying with My Office long term? If so, why?

A: Since I have been with My Office from the beginning, I guess you could say I’m a very satisfied customer, and I will be with them for as long as it fits my needs, which is what is so great about it.  It is a wonderful place for a small business to stay forever, or just until your needs demand a bigger place.

Thank you Shelley and Jill for this wonderful place to help my business be all it can be!

About My Office®

My Office® Business Suites is a team of professionals that have fun providing the tools for small businesses to succeed–at prices they can afford. Their variety of office space plans throughout the Greater Phoenix area affirms the important fact that each business is unique, and therefore, has different needs in order to thrive. Amenities such as reception service, color copying and printing, and after-hours building access allow you more time to focus solely on your business. My Office® aims to provide efficiencies and services in the business suites environment that allow small, home-based and growing businesses to be competitive and professional at affordable prices.     

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