Comparison of Business Suites to a Conventional Office

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Comparison of Business Suites to a Conventional Office

A Comparison of Office Concepts

You could save as much as $28,000.00 annually by choosing a business suite over a conventional office. Take a look at the comparison below and see why leasing a conventional office can be cost almost twice what it would cost to lease a business suite.

ABC Company1 MyOffice Business Suites Conventional Office
Office Space Rental 2 Office Private Suite – includes Reception Services, Use of Meeting Spaces, Business Center, Lunch Room & Restrooms (350 sq. ft. of office + 7,000 sq. ft. of common area) Reception Are/Work Center, Conference Room, Private Offices(2), storage/kitchenette and Restroom (850 sq. ft. ($24/S.F. includes janitorial and utilities)
COST: $1800.00 /month COST: $1700.00 /month
Executive Board Room Use of Boardroom – 10 hrs at $10/hr
(8 hrs of free time included)
Included withe office space
COST: $100.00 /month COST: $0.00 /month
Staffing Requirements MyOffice Staff Administrative Assistant as Operator, Office Manager
& Receptionist ($15/hr x 40 hrs/wk – month)
COST: $0.00 /month COST: $2,520.00 /month
Employee Benefits MyOffice Staff Vacation, Sick Leave, Disability, Health Insurance,
training, Taxes  . . .
COST: $0.00 /month COST: $300.00 /month
Secretarial Services
(billed in 15 minute
Use of MyOffice Staff at 5 hrs/wk ($24/hr)
(5 hrs x $24/hr x 4.2 weeks per month)
Administrative Assistant
COST: $504.00 /month COST: $0.00 /month
Equipment & Internet Use of Business Suites Equipment & Internet
Copier: 500 copies at 15 cents per (Average)
Copier/Scanner/Fax/Printer, Computer for Staff, Internet
Wiring/Service Charges
COST: $75.00 /month COST: $200.00 /month
Utilities Included in with Business Suite rental Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Water, Sewer
COST: $0.00 /month COST: $0.00 /month
Telephone Equipment/
Use of Business Suite Telephone Equipment and Service
(Cost is based on 2 Phones)
Lease Phones and Equipment, Local/Long Distance and
Voice Mail Services
COST: $90.00 /month COST: $125.00 /month
Office Supplies/Cleaning Use of Business Suites Supplies and Cleaning Services
are Provided
Paper, Developer, Toner, Ribbons, Coffee, Cleaning &
Paper Supplies etc.
COST: $0.00 /month COST: $125.00 /month
Office Furniture Included in with Business Suite Rental Lease of Desk, Chairs, Conference Room Table & Chairs
File Storage, Reception Furniture
COST: $70.00 /month COST: $1000.00 /month
MONTHLY COSTS $2,739.00 /month * $5,145.00 /month*
ANNUAL COSTS $32,868.00 per year $61,740.00 per year

* This is a general comparison and actual costs may vary

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