By Amanda Collins, The Grammar Doctors



When it comes to defining your target market, there’s no way you can feasibly help “anybody” and “everybody.” In fact, when you share that message with people, they’re likely to think of nobody. It’s imperative to be specific. Instead of pigeonholing yourself, you’ll actually see that your referrals will increase.


Instead of painting in broad strokes, use these tactics to help people think of they type of people who want to meet.


  1. Ask for a specific person. If you’ve been wanting to work with a certain company, look on their website or LinkedIn for the person in charge and ask for an introduction to that person.
  2. Define your audience. Instead of being a chiropractor looking for anyone with a spine, ask for the person your audience knows who was recently in a car accident.
  3. Share your referral partners. Bunny farmers are more lucrative than bunnies, so let people know the kinds of businesses and professions that will help you grow your business.


When you home in on your introductions and answer to “What do you do?” you’ll find that your results will change as well. Before you know it, you’ll be helping exactly who you’ve been looking for and growing your business along the way!