Tony JosifekXcellent Accounting was founded in 2013 by Tony Josifek. Prior to starting his company, he spent his time working for impressive branded companies (i.e. Honeywell, Poore Brothers)  in a global finance role. He started his career some twenty years ago working for Earnst and Young. Now Tony uses a virtual office suite with My Office Business Suites. He has flexibility to use the conference rooms or multipurpose areas, or a private suite whenever he wants to schedule it and networking opportunities to meet small business owners that he is geared toward helping!
Tony decided to start his own company when he saw all the technological advances, especially in accounting and finance during  the last 5 years. Tony claims that there has been more change than in the past 5 years than there has been in the last 20!  When discussing his passion for small business and helping other small businesses flourish, Tony is enthusiastic: he says efficient and connected small businesses can have the same big effect (for much less expense) than huge companies that pay millions of dollars for. In Tony’s opinion, if you’re willing to embrace technology, you can succeed.
Tony offered a few tips for small businesses that have yet to embrace new technology that can help them thrive, the first and most important being: DON’T get left behind! If you fear advancements in technology and can’t get “on board” with where software in your industry is going, you will not be able to keep up! “There is no time to be a late bloomer here” Tony says “we are at a unique time in history, the smart people are jumping in and I want to help people take full advantage”.
Tony Josifek and Xcellent Acounting are available to teach those who don’t know how to embrace technology. He asks small business owners to think about their own business as if  were an outside investor. View your business’s strategies, competitive advantage, and value of you/your company. While numbers are statistics are important, you should not only focus on numbers but on things that create wealth and value.
Xcellent AccountingAn outside perspective can help to see where your business needs to go, or where it needs help more clearly. “We all need help” Tony states, “challenging you and your business to grow is something we can do.”  To learn more about Xcellent Accounting, Tony, and the services they offer: visit them here.
For further tips about the importance of technology stay posted for next weeks blog on cloud-based applications.