My Snail Mail

ADD this to your new or existing ‘MAIL & ADDRESS Plan ‘:  

You are busy and when that next sale, client or contract requires every minute of your time… don’t allow the burden of mail to take one more minute away from your day.

For $34.95/month:

    • Once we receive your mail, we will scan envelopes and email their images to you
    • Tell us what you want us to keep and we will throw the rest away.
    • You no longer need to come into the office to check your mail.
    • If you need us to scan the contents in a certain envelope, your charge is only 75 cents per.
    • Your time is money and the cost for this is only about $1 a day.

For $59.95/month:

  • Same benefits as above, plus
  • At your direction, we will open specific mail that you have selected and will scan and email it’s contents to you.
  • The first 50 pieces (per month) are included in the fee, once that is reached then the charge is only 50 cents per piece.
  • For about $2 a day, this is a great deal, and you can cancel these services at any time.

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