By Amanda Collins, The Grammar Doctors



You’ve probably heard that you should be blogging, but if you’ve been hesitant to get one started, here is your inspiration! Here are the top five reasons your website needs a blog:


  1. It adds content. Google (and other search engines) like new content on a regular basis, and the easiest way to accomplish that is with a blog.
  2. It positions you as an expert. When you share what you know as a business, you gain followers who are inspired by your transparency and knowledge.
  3. It provides fodder for other venues. You need content for your social-media campaigns and newsletters, and a blog is a great way to get that.
  4. It can easily be turned into an ebook. Compile a number of similarly themed blogs into a book that can be given away, sold, or used to capture email addresses for your newsletter.
  5. SEO and SEM. Search engine optimization (SEO) happens pretty organically, while search engine marketing (SEM) requires throwing in some money. No matter which you choose, your blogs will support your campaigns with content and landing sites.

Don’t wait to add this valuable real estate to your business website. The return on investment is amazing, and you’ll soon see exactly what you’ve been missing!