With the Fall season in full swing and Halloween right around the corner, we thought now is the perfect time to give you a list of fun and simple ideas to decorate your office for Halloween! Nothing adds a little cheer and holiday spirit than a few decorations around the office, and best of all we’ve come up with a list of ideas that wont break the bank! So get ready to add a little trick or treat to your office and check out our list below!

#1. Weird Gourds:
You can find colorful and weird shaped gourds at just about any grocery store around town and they make a great fall decoration.










#2 Candy Corn (or any candy) in a Bowl:
We all love a little pick-me-up while at the office, and nothing says fall spirit like adding a little holiday candy!

Candy Corn








#3. Go Bat Crazy:
Go to Target, your grocery store, or the dollar store and make some simple bat decorations!  Here’s a step by step on this. Easy!

Bat Decorations








#4 Spooky Erasers:
Halloween erasers from the dollar store are a great way to add some Halloween office decorations. Just pop one on the end of your pens or pencils!









#5 Halloween Napkins:
Place these around the office kitchen or bathroom to add a little festivity as you blow your nose or wipe your face 🙂









#6 Ghostly Door Hangers:
We all know Ghosts haunt doorways, so why not warn everyone who walks through! You can find these at Target, the dollar store, Grocery store, or the like.









#7 Classic Cobwebs:
How could any office decorations be complete without some cobwebs strewn about the office! You can get these at just about any major retailer around Halloween.












Hope you liked our affordable and fun Halloween office decorations and have a happy Halloween! For more fun office ideas check back later this month for Fall food recipes that are great for the office, and will make you everyone’s favorite person!