How to Stay Relevant in Your Field: a Snippet from John Liebert, MD

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How to Stay Relevant in Your Field: a Snippet from John Liebert, MD

Dr. John Liebert is a psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience in diagnosing and treating patients in hospital, forensic and outpatient settings.   He has contributed to countless scholarly journals and published numerous novels. Dr. Liebert is by all definitions of the word an expert in his field. As a practicing psychiatrist, as in many demanding fields, it’s hard to keep up with important advances with a full workload set out for you. Dr. Liebert offered advice to anyone who is trying to stay relevant as a small business owner in an ever-changing economy and environment.

While Dr. Liebert entrusts experts in other fields, for example, web design or search engine optimization, he keeps his expertise sharp by paying attention to what people want to learn about. In his writing career, and with all of his published works, Dr. Liebert stays relevant in his field. After all of the atrocious mass murders and violent crimes that have taken place in the past several years, people were left wondering why? Dr. Liebert took the opportunity to delve into the hottest topic of this decade and use his expertise to offer insight that most cannot.  A book many are anxiously awaiting, Hearts of Darkness, takes a psychological view on the criminals perpetrating these heinous acts, and question what can be done to stop them.

Hearts of DarkenessFrom Sandy Hook, Connecticut, to Aurora, Colorado, to Tucson, Arizona, this nation has been racked from coast to coast with mass shootings perpetrated by criminals with sick minds.  Dr. Liebert along with his co-author, Dr. Birnes believe the increase in violence is an epidemic and dig deep into the causes of mental illness to determine what exactly is going on with these individuals and society as a whole, and what action can be taken to slow this frightening trend toward mass violence. Dr. Liebert and Dr. Birnes believe that many mass suicides are predictable and preventable. Dr. Liebert uses his extensive experience in psychopathology and criminal psychology to describe how clinicians can identify the behaviors of potential suicidal mass killers and possibly prevent their crimes if they read the warning signs when legal opportunities present themselves, such as when recurrent domestic violence or psychotic communications are reported to authorities. The authors also discuss the influence of media—particularly violent video games—and how the evolution of American culture affects suicidal mental illness. With startling statistics, fascinating case studies, and practical, no-nonsense solutions, the authors present a groundbreaking and compelling treatise on violence in America.

Dr. Liebert, a seasoned vet in the psychiatric field, is still publishing works that people everywhere are excited to read and continues to offer a fresh view of relevant topics that people want to hear about! He makes time to write as well as treat patients by splitting his time, he uses a virtual suite with MyOffice and typically sees patients two days out of the week. For updates on Dr. Liebert’s works as well as the release date of Hearts of Darkness (spring 2014), follow MyOffice Business Suites on Facebook and Twitter.

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