Law Without Limits: A Look at the Meyer Firm

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Law Without Limits: A Look at the Meyer Firm

This week, we’d like to focus on another one of our outstanding businesses–Meyer Law, a firm that focuses on bankruptcy for individuals and small businesses. The firm operates at our Peoria and Surprise locations.

Meyer Law has filed over 4,000 bankruptcy cases with a 100{e80958b7686efab6064e8a97dff3ba4314e10ea97edacabb6f46d3d3651ccf9b} success rate. The man in charge is Haines Meyer, and he’s been with My Office® since 2010. We had the chance to ask him a few questions about his experience in an executive suite:

Q: What would you say is the greatest benefit of your workspace at My Office?

A: It would be having a presence for my business in the West Valley despite having my headquarters in Gilbert.

Q: How does My Office serve the unique needs of your business?  

A: I have a friendly receptionist to greet my clients and the ability for clients to drop off items for me when I’m not there.

Q: Is your day-to-day operation any different since you moved your business into a My Office suite? How so?

A: My business has increased since adding my West Valley locations!

Q: Would you say your customers/clients enjoy your workspace? Have they made any particular comments about its comfortability or convenience?

A: They enjoy the convenience of not having to travel far to see me.

Q: How would you describe your communication and customer service experience with your My Office plan?  

A: The customer service from management and the receptionists is outstanding and professional.

Q: If you could describe your time with My Office in three words, which ones would you use?

A: Growth! Growth! Growth!

Q: Do you see yourself staying with My Office long-term? If so, why?

A: Yes, my incredible staff is in Gilbert so I will always stay with My Office so I can thrive in the West Valley.

To find out more about Meyer Law, click here!

About My Office®

My Office® Business Suites is a team of professionals that have fun providing the tools for small businesses to succeed–at prices they can afford. Their variety of office space plans throughout the Greater Phoenix area affirms the important fact that each business is unique, and therefore, has different needs in order to thrive. Amenities such as reception service, color copying and printing, and after-hours building access allow you more time to focus solely on your business. My Office® aims to provide efficiencies and services in the business suites environment that allow small, home-based and growing businesses to be competitive and professional at affordable prices.     

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