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Office Suites – My Office℠ Advantages

Compare My Office and its concepts to the larger office suites companies and the smaller office suites companies.

What sets us apart from larger and smaller Executive Suites companies.

Office Suites Door1.  We have a corporate structure within our company that you would find with larger operators; yet we also have the nimbleness and ability to change quickly that small operators boast.
2.  We help market our businesses – where large companies don’t want to spend their resources and small companies can’t afford to.
3.  We are not just building a ‘business’ which is what both small and large operators are most interested in; we are building a ‘network’ of entrepreneurs, professionals and executives.

Benefits of MyOffice Business Suites

Office Space Rental: Besides private office rental, included is more than 7,000 square feet of common area that you can use.

Meeting  Spaces: 2 conference rooms are available for your use. One that seats up to 20 for seminars/training events and one that seats 6-8.

Staffing  Requirements: No more headaches interviewing, training and babysitting staff. We provide what you need and only when you need it.

Employee Benefits: You don’t pay them, nor will you ever have pay unemployment.

Secretarial Services: We can help by working with you in your business, so you can spend more time working on your business.

Equipment & Internet:  You only have to take care of what you have in your private office. Leave the equipment, internet and other stuff to us.

Utilities: We pay for it all – even in the heat of the summer when costs often double.

Telephone  Equip/Svcs: One at rate covers all services. We also troubleshoot and maintain the services, should it ever be interrupted.

Office Supplies/Cleaning: We provide cleaning for you of your suites and your office supplies go down because we provide a lot of them.

Office Furniture: We provide turn-key suites. That means if you like it today, we furnish it and you can move in tomorrow.

Reception Concierge Services: We meet, greet and handle your visitors with care. We make you look professional and our goal is to spoil you.

Property/Systems Upkeep: We take care of the potential headaches of maintaining office equipment and systems. No extra downtime for you.

Cleaning of the premises: We maintain the premises so it’s clean and germ free for you and your clients.


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