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Social media marketing: how to ‘keep up’

In today’s technologically-driven word, social media marketing is important. Not only in one’s personal life, but in the business world as well. For a small business, a free social media account is an obvious choice. If you can get your brand or your message out there for more people to see, and pay nothing, why wouldn’t you? For some, the fear of the unknown keeps them from utilizing these powerful marketing tools.

It’s free; why not?
While your main market may not be the generation of social media users, having an online presence will only give your business the opportunity to brand itself and get your message/product/name out there! There are hundreds of social media websites and apps; being on each and every one is one way to approach creating a social media presence… but not the recommended way. If you’re just starting in the realm of social media, the tips below will help you spend your time wisely, and use these resources the best way possible. If you’re well-versed in all things social media, the below may help to guide you on how to make some improvements.

Giving your business a “face”
Facebook, one of the biggest social media mavens in the world (for today) can be a more personalized outlet. For a small business, a Facebook account can serve as a way to directly talk to the market. A client or customer can actually talk to your business which can be an invaluable service. Facebook, more so than most other websites, it’s meant for interaction. If you have feedback that is given to you or questions being asked and you aren’t responsive, you will not see nearly the same benefits from a Facebook account. Facebook allows a certain personification of your brand, you get to put a personality to associate with your business. If you respond to feedback and thank people for involving themselves in both your business and your social media presence, they will continue to return and continue to remember your name and brand.

Twitter: not just for celebrities!
Twitter is another free social media site that is misunderstood by the small business owner. Twitter is proven to be a better resource for things like branding. There is little more freedom when using Twitter, as well. If you over-post things on Facebook, you may lose some ‘likes’ or ‘friends’; Twitter has less boundaries. Twitter is also good for sparking an interest in anyone interested in your industry. When you follow and ‘retweet’ other businesses and companies or related Twitter accounts, you will pull followers onto your page, and in turn, your brand constantly. Twitter provides a free platform to advertise for yourself, but if you use the opportunity to post about your business, as well as related industries and businesses along with engaging and interesting topics you will create lifetime followers. In those followers you will continue to see more free advertising (i.e. retweeting of your brand’s information, logo, name, etc), and the more love you give to people and businesses with a social media presence, the more they will love you back!

Don’t delay– start today
To get started, create accounts and follow the lead of companies with a strong social media presence; they pay marketing firms for something you get to do for free! Find other related businesses, companies, and individuals and get involved with their posts! Share them, re-tweet them, comment and like them. Once they see your support, the company and their followers will want to support you back! And lastly, make sure to keep up on your social media! If you engage a potential customer, and then don’t respond to their messages or posts, you will lose their interest as well as anyone who was paying attention to your page (and that can be many more than you think. Try to set time aside every day to engage your fans/followers/customers; and remember: this is FREE! Take advantage!

Please check out our Facebook and Twitter pages! Share the love! And check back next week for more tips for your small business.

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