cloud-icon-2b4e3ea394d5489fa6ddc1e57e3e3cb6Integrallis Software builds great web and mobile applications! The idea is simple as explained by Brian Sam-Bodden, self-proclaimed Chief Ruby/ Java Wonk (or president, I suspect, of the company). They contract to build applications with weekly evaluations, something that helps them keep their deadlines and keep their clients happy: “if you don’t like what you see or you don’t think we are a good match that is all it takes for you or us to correct the situation… 1 week. We won’t tie you up in a long development contract. We love to build great software to solve interesting problems. Your success is our success and we put our name and reputation on the line to help you get there.”

Integrallis also offers consulting services with a more relaxed approach than many other firms, “we will bring everything we’ve learned in the last 20 years about building software and more importantly building teams that can build great software while having a great time doing so. Although we prefer project-based work, we from time to time and for the right client will embed ourselves with your team and make it better from the inside.” Integrallis enjoys flexibility in how they write their contracts as well as how they work in part because of the resources they have chosen to  employ.

Integrallis one of our virtual executive suites at My Office- Business Suites as they need it, they are a virtual business, calling and booking office space when they need to get together and focus on a project. The freedom of working for yourself, or working from home can make it difficult to meet deadlines and stay focused. Using office space helps Brian and his colleagues stay on-track and gives them a neutral location and change of scenery which helps boost creativity!

dino-blog-a5e3e36de3e7cb55bb7e48c6716fbfabFor more information about Integrallis, or to learn more software lingo that may help guide you through your technological life more easily, see: And for updates about upcoming apps and games developed by Integrallis follow My Office- Business Suites on Facebook and Twitter.