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Suiting for Summer

Blog by Samantha Frazier It’s that time of year again. The sidewalk burns, the flowers that somehow managed to stay alive in this dry desert keel over and accept their fate, and people around the valley think to themselves “Why do I live here again?” at least 4 times a day. With record temperatures of [...]

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From “You” to “Super You”

Guest blog from Sandie Sopko, of Reliv, a business here at My Office.   A 24 year long study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health on recorded diet information and weight change of 133,468 US men and women (in their 30s and 40s at start of study) suggests that eating fruits and non-starchy [...]

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‘Pinteresting’ Your A/C Unit

Blog by Clark Heating and Cooling.   By now, I think everyone has heard of Pinterest. This electronic pinboard site is incredibly popular and full of creative ideas, ranging from the latest cookie dough recipes (my favorite) to methods on how to upcycle your old toilet paper rolls (my LEAST favorite - nothing says classy [...]

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Walk With My Office

    At My Office Business Suites, we’re committed to making a difference in the lives of our local community. That’s why this year the My Office staff will be participating in the MS Walk on November 5th.  Our fundraising efforts will provide groundbreaking research, assist with helpful programs and give vital support to those [...]

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Five Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

By Amanda Collins, The Grammar Doctors   You’ve probably heard that you should be blogging, but if you’ve been hesitant to get one started, here is your inspiration! Here are the top five reasons your website needs a blog:   It adds content. Google (and other search engines) like new content on a regular basis, [...]

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Why You Don’t Help “Anybody” and “Everybody”

By Amanda Collins, The Grammar Doctors   When it comes to defining your target market, there’s no way you can feasibly help “anybody” and “everybody.” In fact, when you share that message with people, they’re likely to think of nobody. It’s imperative to be specific. Instead of pigeonholing yourself, you’ll actually see that your referrals [...]

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