By Samantha Frazier



1) Online Purchases
It is better to err on the side of caution when making purchases online, especially from smaller vendors. Credit cards give you an added level of security when purchasing things online. With longer grace periods to discover any fraudulent activity and many companies offering guaranteed returns on any items lost, broken or stolen, purchasing through a credit card makes for a great overall ‘firewall’ for online purchases.

2) Event Tickets
A lot of credit card companies partner with certain arenas and entertainers for exclusive tickets and VIP access for their cardholders. For example, Chase has partnered with Madison Square Garden and cardholders will have inside access to events held there. Make sure to see if your company offers any discounts or exclusive access for local concerts or sporting events before purchasing any tickets.

3) Electronics and Appliances
Each credit card company’s plans differ slightly, but many carry an extended warranty and purchase protection for large purchases, such as electronics and appliances. Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO of and Founder of Evolution Finance, explains “not a lot of consumers take advantage of this coverage, if a product breaks down and their manufacturer’s warranty has run out, they don’t think about whether they used their Visa card to make the purchase”. Read up on your cards policy and see what’s offered before you purchase the extra protection the store will offer.


Check out this video from Bank of America on the difference between Credit and Debit: