The Top 4 Pro’s and Con’s of a Co Working Space

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The Top 4 Pro’s and Con’s of a Co Working Space

Blog by Samantha Frazier

Within the last 5 years the market of ‘co working spaces’ has skyrocketed. If you’re thinking about whether or not to go with a co working space or a private suite, we have 4 tips below to help you decide which one will suit(e) you the best!


Pro: The #1 reason co working spaces are chosen over a private suite is the sense of community that’s around it. It makes sense; you meet more people in an open space rather than a private one.
Con: However, you aren’t necessary losing that once you make the choice for a private office, you just gain it on your own terms. You can still network with other business while going to get a cup of morning Joe and learn about events going on from businesses around the office.

Pro: Having competition around can give everyone a little edge. It will let you see firsthand what everyone else is doing and where each business is headed.
Con: Those within the same industry tend to gravitate towards the same co working area. With a shared work space, competition can creep in and ‘borrow’ some of your work or original ideas and pass it off as their own. The walls don’t have ears within the private space of a suite.

Pro: Being around others, especially those within the same industry might inspire you to get more work done. Productivity in some individuals can sky rocket from being around others.
Con: Remember when the substitute teacher didn’t know that you and your best friend weren’t supposed to sit together during class because you would be too much of a distraction to get any work done? This can be the same with co working spaces. While it’s fun to talk to those around you, you may not always be as productive as you would with a private suite. You might feel the need to socialize from the constant noise and movement of those around you.

Hidden Costs:

Pro: Co working spaces tend to be less costly than having your own private or shared suite.
Con: The cost of storage, business services (printing, paper, supplies, etc) that you would normally have in your own office space and the cost of added security all hide behind the alluring nature of a ‘cheap’ co working only office. Don’t forget about the day to day worry of carrying around belongings each day.

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