What are the costs of being in an executive suite?

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What are the costs of being in an executive suite?

How much does a an executive suite cost?
Typical rates for a one person office is between $500/month to $1200/month

What all is included in with the rent I pay?
A private office in a full service Executive Suite includes 24/7 use of the private office, mail/address services, reception services, WiFi, utilities, use of meeting rooms, business services and common areas

What are the extras that I have to pay for?
Typically one pays extra for phones, furniture rental, use of the copier and/or fax machine, reserved parking and mail handling services. Some of the larger companies go beyond this and charge for beverages, long distance, and even audio/visual aids.

What should I expect to pay to begin with when I first rent a space?
Usually one pays the first month’s rent, sometimes a set-up fee and always a security deposit, which equals the first month’s rent.   The security deposit is not the ‘last month’s’ rent, it is an amount held by the Landlord that is fully refundable once you have satisfied your rental obligation.

How long do I typically have to rent an Executive Suite for?
The wonderful thing about Executive Suites is that the rental commitment can be as short as month-to-month and typically no longer than 2 years.  So there is no long term commitment needed.

Do I have to use my own furniture?
If you want to you can, but if now a lot of Executive Suites will have rental programs for you.

How much conference room time should I typically get without paying for it?
Typically you will get 2 to 4 hours a month with your private office.  After that hourly rentals depend on the size of the conference rooms and meeting spaces.  Rates can range from $20/hour to $80/hour.

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